Why not get together with friends, family or colleagues and host a pop-up shop: at your local cafe, your office, in your weekly pub quiz or at your summer BBQ – it couldn’t be easier! 

This page will help you set up Choose Love shop in the UK. Set up a store in the US.

You just register your store online, then you can take payments with your phone or tablet. Everything you sell will go straight to our partners working in 36 countries around the world, providing displaced communities with what they need most: from hot food to life-saving search and rescue. 


1. Create your account, making sure to verify your email.

2. Click ‘start fundraising’ to go on to create your shop.

3. Choose a name for your shop and add your own description. Include your/your company’s name, and keep it simple as you can’t change it later. E.g. ‘Jo’s Choose Love Shop at the Coffee Junction’.

4. Add a picture of yourself and your team if you have one. (this really helps!)

5. Select the Choose Love items you want to sell in your shop. On the platform these are called ‘rewards’ and if you want you can select everything!

Step 2: Plan your shop
  1. Pick a location and time where there will be lots of people around. You’ll need a table or surface (or perhaps you want to hang things from the walls?) and decent wifi or data. Make sure to let people know that you’ll be fundraising beforehand.
  2. Choose a few items you’d like to represent in your pop up. You can use items from around the house or a charity shop. For example, you could bring a blanket to represent Warm Blankets and Sleeping Bags, or a book to represent Adult Learning.
  3. Print your QR code – this can be found in the overview section of your online shop.
  4. We have printable posters and price lists. Pick which ones you’d like and print them (or ask a friend to help out if you don’t have a printer.)
  5. Get arty! Create some of your own eye-catching Choose Love signage to highlight your shop and catch people’s attention!
  6. Send a message to all of your friends and family with the details of where and when your pop up will be happening, and put it up on all of your socials – remember to tag us so we can share.
  7. Let us know where you’re planning to do your pop up so we can encourage others to come!
  1. Read our Fundraising Guidance to help create a safe and welcoming environment for all of your guests!
  2. Make sure to take plenty of pics of your pop up!
  3. Post on your socials throughout the day to keep encouraging people to come.
  4. Highlight the sales you’re making on the day, and send out the link so people can buy something online if they can’t make it in person.
  5. Tag us in all your posts so we can keep resharing!

For more information about issues facing displaced people and the projects we fund, follow us on instagram.

If you need help setting up your shop, please email our wonderful team at

Thank you for choosing love, always.

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For people living in tents and makeshift shelters, often for years, we can help to provide a range of supplies and support, from basic hygeine kits, hot food and firewood to assistance for unaccompanied children.

Women’s Support


Providing safe spaces and essential services for women and young girls, who are often paticularly vulnerable



Ensuring displaced people have access to hygiene essentials, like soap and sanitsers to fight coronavirus and other diseases

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Installing electricity and power point so that camp pathways and toilets are safely lit, and phones are charged

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Legal Support

US-Mexico border

Providing free, holistic legal services and advice to protect the rights of refugees, deportees, and asylum seekers

LGBTQ+ Support


Supporting LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers access legal services, counselling, accomodation and healthcare

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