Safeguarding, Whistleblowing, complaints and code of conduct

In an ever-shifting global political context, the situations in which Choose Love and our partners work are often unstable. As humanitarian work with refugees and displaced people becomes increasingly criminalised, and as the communities we support are often socially excluded and without recourse to adequate legal protection, we acknowledge the potential for abuse and exploitation and the extreme challenges in keeping people safe.

Safeguarding everyone who comes into contact with Choose Love through our work remains a top priority for us. We continue to strengthen our systems and aim to respond swiftly to any historical or contemporary concern that is reported to us.

We encourage anyone who has experienced or witnessed any kind of safeguarding incident or who wishes to share a safeguarding concern with us to write to us at 

Please be assured that your report will be handled swiftly, confidentially and professionally.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of Choose Love’s work, find out how to take action using our Complaints Policy.

If you have concerns or would like to report a safeguarding issue, you can download and complete an incident reporting form, read our full Safeguarding Policy or speak to our Safeguarding Lead via

Our Whistleblowing Policy is for use by people working at all levels of the organisation, including all employees, volunteers, freelancers and consultants to disclose information which relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers at work.

Finally, our Code of Conduct sets out our expectations and guiding principles for appropriate behaviour at all levels of the organisation and in all the environments in which we work.

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