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We have raised millions to support refugees and created a movement of people putting love into action around the world.

About Choose Love

Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. We elevate the voices and visibility of refugees and galvanise public support for agile community organisations providing vital support to refugees along migration routes globally.

In just five years, we’ve reached one million people and raised tens of millions for 300 organisations providing vital support at every stage along migration routes from Europe to the Middle East and along the US-Mexico border.

We are powered by you, and by our vision – a world that chooses love and justice every day, for everyone. 

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Latest news

Stop the Inhumane and heartless plan by the UK Government to deport asylum seekers 4000 miles away to Rwanda

Stop the Inhumane and heartless plan by the UK Government to deport asylum seekers 4000 miles away to Rwanda

Over 100 people have been informed that the Home Office intends to deport them to Rwanda, with the first flight scheduled on Tuesday 14 June. It is set to send people including childrenand families who have already suffered so much including torture and conflict. They came to Britain to find sanctuary and protection and to be treated with dignity and respect. Instead they are being sent over 4,000 miles away to a country they have no connection to, with a proven poor record on human rights.

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For people living in tents and makeshift shelters, often for years, we can help to provide a range of supplies and support, from basic hygeine kits, hot food and firewood to assistance for unaccompanied children.

Women’s Support


Providing safe spaces and essential services for women and young girls, who are often paticularly vulnerable



Ensuring displaced people have access to hygiene essentials, like soap and sanitsers to fight coronavirus and other diseases

Lighting + Power


Installing electricity and power point so that camp pathways and toilets are safely lit, and phones are charged

Covid-19 Support

Samos, Greece

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Our support is ongoing for people on the long road towards rebuilding their lives. Vital services such as education for children, mental health support and legal aid help provide a new start and brighter future.

Legal Support

US-Mexico border

Providing free, holistic legal services and advice to protect the rights of refugees, deportees, and asylum seekers

LGBTQ+ Support


Supporting LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers access legal services, counselling, accomodation and healthcare

Education for Children


Helping children fulfil their potential with school supplies and the access to education that all young people deserve