Why are families being separated on the US – Mexico Border?

by | 4th May 2022

In 2017, thousands of children were forcibly separated from their parents to punish them for seeking asylum at the United States-Mexico border. While the formal policy was stopped by a lawsuit, no system was set up to track what happened to these forcibly separated children and the trauma. The devastation continues today.

Of the nearly 6,000 families who were broken up by this policy, thousands remain separated, and children have spent years without their beloved caregivers. Parents have been deported or have disappeared and have been left with the unfillable loss of their children- deprived of all of the joyful milestones and the millions of moments that make up the fabric of a child’s life. There are children (including infants) who don’t know why the person who cared for and raised them would suddenly and inexplicably disappear. Facing a lifetime of long-term recovery from the pain of separation and forced abandonment.

Yet there is cause for hope. Organizations, in collaboration with the commitment of a new presidential administration in the U.S., have tracked thousands of families and are working to bring them back together. While these families are brought back together with temporary humanitarian protection, they are ineligible for nearly all forms of services and benefits which they so urgently need to heal from this trauma. This is why we need your support.


Here’s What you can do:

You can donate to our US – Mexico Family Reunion Appeal today, and contribute to help bring families back together.

The families, who have already been through so much loss, need help to rebuild their lives together; stable housing, food, legal, medical and mental health support, workforce and educational opportunities. There are also caregivers and children out there that organizations are still working to locate.

Donate to this appeal today. Every donation you make will be doubled by a generous anonymous donor until we reach $25,000. Help us reach our target by donating today!

Choose Love has already been able to support several critical organizations that have:

  • Located children and caregivers
  • Facilitated their reunions 
  • Provided urgent holistic support to minimize any further devastation as they rebuild their lives

 We need your help to make sure this work can continue, so please donate to our appeal.

It takes unimaginable strength for parents and guardians to get their kids out of extremely volatile and dangerous situations. To then be separated as you get closer to safety is barbaric. After fleeing from home in fear of extreme violence, torture and persecution, no family should be seperated.

This is a moment to respond with love in the face of such an incredible possibility as families are coming together to heal from the pain and sense of loss they have endured. Please give what you can to this urgent appeal, and please share this fundraiser as widely as possible. 

When we all come together and collectively Choose Love, a better new world is possible. 

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