Who takes care of Refugees’ mental health?

by | 8th Dec 2021

Refugees and asylum seekers have often experienced devastating losses, witnessed traumatic violence, and made perilous journeys. Mental health support can make the difference between these people merely surviving and being able to rebuild their lives.


No one leaves their home and community for an unknown future unless the situation is desperate. Life in refugee camps and on migration routes is unimaginably difficult, while hostile legislation and the use of displaced people as political bargaining chips make the  situation even harder to navigate.

The World Health Organisation notes that migrants and refugees are ‘exposed to various stress factors which affect their mental health and well-being before and during their migration journey and during their settlement and integration’. The result is high levels of PTSD, depression, and anxiety for people who may be unable to access mental health care.

Without mental as well as physical health care, many refugees will be unable to reach their potential, rebuild their lives or contribute to society in the way they would wish. 


We understand that some scars are invisible. We support programmes that help people cope with the pain of losing loved ones and recover from the horrors of war. 

To deliver this work we partner with organisations like the Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI). RTI provides vital psychosocial support to refugees coping with the trauma of conflict and displacement, offering them a chance to heal and to integrate into their host communities. It also trains and supports other NGOs and humanitarian groups to provide these services.


The Choose Love store sells a specific gift for Mental health support’. The money you pay goes towards trauma counselling and therapeutic activities for children and families, giving people the tools they need to rebuild their lives. 

Mental health support is also included in several of our gift bundles:


Anything you can buy helps spread a message of love and hope – and has the potential to heal lives.