Urgent Appeal – Cholera Epidemic

by | 7th Oct 2022

There has been an outbreak of Cholera across Syria. 

Our partner, Hand in Hand (registered UK charity) urgently need your help to get the situation under control and prevent a widespread epidemic of this deadly disease. 

There have been 119 confirmed cases, with 18 deaths across Northwest and Northeast Syria.

Cholera spreads rapidly in areas without clean water supplies and can quickly become a fatal illness. If there isn’t an immediate and efficient response to this situation, there will be devastating mortality rates in the next few weeks and the healthcare system of the region will be put under enormous strain, causing yet more issues for those living in the region. 

Our incredible partner, Hand in Hand (HiHFAD) , has initiated an emergency response plan. But they need your help to get funds in place to ensure this plan can go ahead. 

Their plan includes providing access to safe water and improved sanitation, as well as vital cholera treatment supplies, and engaging community workers to help raise awareness for prevention of the spread of the disease. 

100% of your donations will go towards Hand in Hand’s work to combat the spread of Cholera. 

Please give what you can today.

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