UKRAINE UPDATE: Where your donations are going 🇺🇦

by | 17th Mar 2022

As your donations continue to come in, we’ve been able to supply grants to local organisations working on the ground to help people fleeing Ukraine, and those still in the country.

We are in the process of granting to 23 organisations in and around Ukraine, and have committed £1.4 million to various charities and organisations.

So far, we have granted £175,000 for trucks, vehicles and fuel to Caritas Austria, in order to allow them to take aid into Caritas Ukraine. $30,000 has been given to legal support, evacuation assistance, accommodation for LGBT+ Ukrainians through Insight.

Humanitas has been granted £50,000 for medical supplies from Romania into Ukraine, and Integra, a Slovakian NGO with a network of teams and partners in the area, has been granted €30,000 in order to transport specific lists of requests from inside.

We’re working on getting support to marginalised communities as a priority, and are currently being organically connected with the right teams. We will continue to get your donations out to people that need them.

We’ve also spoken to several brilliant LGBT+ teams over the past week, and are excited to be able to support their work and wider network.

The subsequent mass displacement of civilians has caused an astonishing response from the international community. So far, the UN estimates that 2,969,600 Ukrainians have fled the country (as of 15th March), with more than 1.85 million people displaced internally (data from 11th March 2022). 12 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The UN has recorded 802 civilian casualties, including 249 deaths, but said the total was likely to be much higher.

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Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support.


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