Ukraine Update: 71 Days On

by | 6th May 2022

We are now 71 days into the Putin-led invasion of Ukraine. As of today, Friday 6th May, more than 12 million people are estimated to have been displaced from their homes; roughly ¼ of the Ukrainian population prior to the invasion. This figure also includes more than 4.8 million children. 6 million people have limited-to-no access to safe water. Nearly 100,000 people across Ukraine are living without electricity. 

Russian forces seem to be concentrating their efforts on seizing the Eastern parts of Ukraine, though over the past week there has been shelling as far west as Lviv, a city currently housing huge numbers of internally displaced Ukrainians. At least 7 people have been killed in Lviv so far. 

This is the largest invasion in Europe since 1945. In this unprecedented time, your support is needed urgently.

Fears are also growing that Moldova and Transnistria could be drawn into the Ukraine conflict. The country’s deputy prime minister has warned that unnamed forces were seeking to stoke tensions after a series of explosions in the region of Transnistria this week.

So far, we have partnered with 51 organisations responding to the crisis. As of 12 noon today, together we have raised £7,695,823.

  • We’ve committed $276,000 towards anti-trafficking related work and have dedicated $1,1 million for our new partners to develop their own internal processes including safeguarding.

  • We’ve committed £353,195 to partners that are organising and supplying medical care to help support Ukrainian medical infrastructure (particularly in areas receiving a lot of internally displaced people) and for people in and fleeing Ukraine; including medical staff and teams on the ground.

  • We’ve focused on supporting local organisations meeting the specific needs of the most marginalised communities in Ukraine and surrounding countries, and have committed £231,000 to BIPOC-specific organisations. We have also committed $372,375 to marginalised communities.

  • We are working with partners on the ground to support LGBTQIA+ people in Ukraine, and have identified partners who can also supply hormones for trans people, HIV medication and psychosocial support. We have committed £240,435 to organisations working with the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Nobody wants war. Everybody deserves the right to live in safety.

Please donate to our Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser to help us to continue to fund this vital work. 

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