Ukraine crisis Fundraiser – How your donations are being put to use

by | 8th Mar 2022

Last week, as your donations continued to come in, we had a team of 2 on the ground to understand what is needed by all those in and fleeing Ukraine & build connections with teams responding.

1.2 million people have now fled the country, roughly 700,000 are internally displaced. Normal supply chains into Ukraine have been completely disrupted, with points of entry monitored and normal trade halted. With heavy Putin directed shelling on cities and civilian facilities targeted, the urgent needs in-country are medicine, medical consumables and food. Where water and power have been cut off by shelling, bottled water is also being called for.

Negotiations led to humanitarian corridors for supplies being opened up into areas under Russian ‘control’/bombardment. However there have been reports of mines being laid across routes and civilians still being targeted as they attempt to flee.

Whilst we will be supporting with emergency response, we want to ensure that we support sustaining the eco system of response in the long term as needed. Supporting partners with salaries and core costs will enable them to build their capacity.

With the necessary due diligence and paperwork & your donations, we’re working on onboarding 20 partners and have already committed over £1 million to provide:

  • Medical care & supplies
  • Hygiene kits
  • Evacuation support
  • Emergency shelter
  • Fuel & lorries to transport aid and clothing
  • Food
  • Long term accommodation programmes
  • Translation services
  • Legal support
  • Inclusion & welcome programmes
  • Arrival support for BIPOC
  • Arrival support for LGBTQIA+ people

We are distributing funds to partners operating in Ukraine, and in surrounding areas; Romania, Moldova & Poland.

Moving forward we’ll continue building capacity for our partners, ensuring they have the team and resources to continue their work. We are in conversation with further partners & are continuously reviewing/assessing needs and will be updating you over the coming days with more detail. 

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Thank you so much for your support 💙


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