The Choose Love Shop is BACK

by | 9th Nov 2022

Drum roll, please. 

The Choose Love Store is now officially…


That’s right. We’ve gone and done it again. This November, for the 6th time, we’ve relaunched our infamous Choose Love Shop. 

The Choose Love Shop is a store like no other – where you can buy essential supplies and life-saving interventions for refugees and displaced people across the globe. 

This year the refugee crisis has reached new records, with more than 100 million people estimated to be displaced worldwide. The cost of food and fuel has increased globally and the invasion of Ukraine has displaced millions. 

The winter also brings with it freezing temperatures, which makes access to heating fuel, warm clothes, and shelter essential. 

We know you want to help. We do too. 

This year, alongside vital items like hot food, life-saving medical treatment, and long-term accommodation, we’ve added items such as Disability Support, Heating Fuel, and Evacuations to make sure people can get the help they need right now. 

All funds raised from the shop go to supporting displaced people from all over the world, including working in Greece, on the US/Mexico border as well as supporting our Ukraine Emergency Response.

Since we began in 2015, our one-of-a-kind shop has gained the support of big names such as Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Carey Mulligan, and Michael Cain.

Watch this video to see exactly why they’re choosing to stand with us.

Join them today and purchase our life-changing items at www.Choose.Love, or visit our shops in London and New York. 

For those of you in the UK, come and visit us at 15-17 Foubert’s Place W1F 7QB. Our doors are already open.  

If you’re based in New York, we’re launching soon! Our in-person store will be opening soon, details to be announced shortly!  


We can’t wait to see you all there. 

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