Stop the Inhumane and heartless plan by the UK Government to deport asylum seekers 4000 miles away to Rwanda

by | 9th Jun 2022

Over 100 asylum seekers have been informed that the Home Office intends to deport them to Rwanda, with the first flight scheduled on Tuesday 14 June. It is set to send people to a country completely unknown to them. These include children, young people and families, that have already endured so much including torture and conflict. They came to Britain to find sanctuary and protection and to be treated with dignity and respect. Instead they are being sent over 4,000 miles away to a country they have no connection to, with a proven poor record on human rights.

If this first plane is allowed to take off, this will not stop here. We must stand together in this moment and say instead with a unified message:Refugees are welcome here!

I don’t know what I would have done if I was deported to Rwanda when I arrived to claim asylum in Britain in 2016. Witnessing Syria, my home,being ravaged by war, leaving my family behind and travelling on a flimsy dinghy were hard enough. I can’t imagine how the people who have suffered the same things are feeling right now.

This fight is not over. Please write to your MP today to urge them to take action against this cruel decision.It takes minutes and could save lives. 

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Hassan x