Choose Love x Scents of Beglonging

by | 1st Jul 2021

For Refugee Week 2021, we collaborated with Earl of East and Uncommon London to launch a limited edition candle range. The series recreates touching memories of home, from refugees living in Britain today.

Scents of Belonging

Each scent has been inspired by the testimonies of three incredible refugees living in Britain retelling their memories of home.

Imad, Madjid and Vanessa worked closely with the teams from Uncommon London and Earl of East to bring their scent to life, each beautifully capturing the essence of home.

Scents inspired by …

Majid’s memory of sleeping on a rooftop with his siblings under the starry night sky in Mashhad is brought to life with roses, firewood, basil and night-blooming jasmine. Imad’s scent of his Mother’s cluttered kitchen is portrayed through crushed mint, cumin, tomato leaf and tobacco smoke. And, Vanessa’s Grandmother’s garden with aromas of fresh rain, sugarcane, pineapple leaves and hibiscus flowers.