Safeguarding at Choose Love

by | 20th Nov 2021

Safeguarding at Choose Love

We’ve been working hard for over a year in reviewing and updating how we keep our team and any volunteers safe, ensure concerns are listened to and action is taken when things go wrong.

Our team and volunteers work in extremely challenging environments. It is vital that everyone feels safe and protected from harm of any kind, be that physical, sexual, mental or emotional intimidation or abuse. As a young and growing organisation, we know that we have made mistakes in the past. For over a year, we have been conducting and implementing a total review of our safeguarding policies and procedures.

Here are the main points:

In March 2020 Choose Love engaged two highly experienced and independent safeguarding consultants to review our safeguarding policies. This happened with the full support and sanction of Senior Leadership.

Their initial role was to

  1. Review all safeguarding procedures
  2. Investigate our culture and ensure it is open and accepting of change
  3. Analyse all other internal policies relevant to safeguarding
  4. Ensure policies are relevant to the varied and differing contractors associated with the organisation
  5. Ensure anyone with historical safeguarding concerns or allegations could share them with confidence

As a result Choose Love was presented with

  1. A new Safeguarding policy
  2. A new Whistleblowing policy
  3. A new Code of Practice

The organisation accepted all recommendations made during this process, and these were actioned. We have committed to review the policies annually, the first review is this November. We are confident the outcome is a new safeguarding framework that meets the highest professional standards.

In March 2021 Choose Love requested the same consultants become interim co-leads for Safeguarding. Their expertise has now been brought internally on a permanent basis. This enables Choose Love to have experienced experts in house, to match our commitment to bolster our safeguarding infrastructure and knowledge. Their new scope is to:

  1. Provide training on safeguarding to all members of the team
  2. Consistently review our policies
  3. Analyse the shifting landscape for improved innovations we can implement
  4. Monitor our safeguarding inbox and deal with issues quickly, sensitively and professionally
  5. Regularly update our community on our safeguarding commitment through our social media channels
  6. Review and monitor any other relevant information
  7. Train newly appointed staff
  8. Offer guidance and support to anyone that comes with a safeguarding issue
  9. Ensure Choose Love promotes and is seen to promote a strong safeguarding culture
  10. Remain independent, respected, honoured and unobstructed.

If you have any questions on how we manage safeguarding at Choose Love, or have any current concerns personally or on behalf of someone else, do reach out at Any correspondence will be treated as confidential.