NFT Art auction in aid of Choose Love

by | 9th Dec 2021

How it works

A group of over 20 artists has come together to raise money for Choose Love with Known Origin. Each artist has donated an NFT artwork to be sold or auctioned. 

This international collaboration (with artists from countries including  Kenya, Iran, Indonesia, Ukraine, Germany, and the United States) highlights the global nature of the refugee crisis – currently there are 26 million refugees and displaced people around the world. 

The NFT art platform KnownOrigin is supporting us by donating two-thirds of its platform fees from the primary sales of the collection to Choose Love. Choose Love is also featured as one of only four charity partners to which collectors can donate on the KnownOrigin site.

The collection was curated and facilitated by Luna For Good, an NFT studio and creative agency dedicated to advancing social causes. 

Because these are NFT artworks, a donation to Choose Love is encoded within each piece. This means we’ll receive a further donation each time a piece is re-sold.

If this is your first time purchasing an NFT and you need support, please send a Direct Message to @LunaForGood


NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a relatively new form of crypto currency. They have become an artworld phenomenon and are now so established they are sold by Sotheby’s.

NFTs are unique digital assets that can be used by artists to authenticate their work and also to encode a smart contract that automatically pays them a royalty – or in this case triggers a donation to charity – each time the artwork is re-sold.