Freezing weather alert

by | 22nd Dec 2021

Freezing Weather Alert

It’s getting really, really cold out there. For thousands of people in refugee camps and on migration routes, freezing temperatures can be life-threatening. 

Many are living in tents or makeshift shelters, with clothes and shoes too thin to protect them from the cold. They may also have very limited access to hot food or washing facilities.

It’s sometimes hard to know how you can make a difference. But we’re making it super-easy to help those in desperate need stay warm this winter.

Give the Gift of Warmth

At the Choose Love store, you can buy an individual item or a bundle that goes to people in urgent need.

Today’s recommended buy is the lifesaving Bundle of warmth for £50. This combines three desperately needed items from the store:

If you are looking to spend less, a Child’s warm coat for £10 is life-changing for a little one.

We’d also recommend Toilets and showers for £20, a gift that supports the provision of hot showers, clean toilets, and more handwashing facilities – vital in the fight against coronavirus.

If you are able to do more, you can Buy the store for £550. This is the ultimate bundle and includes one of every item we sell.

Choose Love today. You CAN make a difference this winter.

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