Emergency Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal Update

by | 20th Jul 2022

On Wednesday 22nd June, a huge earthquake struck southeastern Afghanistan overnight. Tragically killing more than 1,000 people; with nearly 4,000 people injured and at least 362,000 people in need of humanitarian aid.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, we were able to raise funds for vital charities and organisations to support those who were affected.

One of our partners, Uplift Afghanistan, was able to work with a local organisation, Community Driven Development Organization (CDDO), to deliver packages and other vital non-food items, such as clothes and toiletries, to households affected by the disaster.

Another one of our partners, the Association of Afghan Healthcare Professionals UK (AAHP-UK), worked quickly to mobilise support to some of the provinces hit hardest. Working with a team of 28 volunteer health professionals, they visited the villages of Zirok and Barmal, helping treat hundreds of injured people. They were also able to distribute 100 food packages to families in the Barmal district, ensuring that people had enough food to eat during this difficult time.

Despite these amazing efforts, the effects of this earthquake will be seen for a long time. Our friends in the community tell us there is also concern of further disasters, with up to thirty more shocks being felt across the Paktika region on Monday night, harming yet more people.

Everything that you give helps organisations that we fund in Afghanistan, like Uplift and AAHP-UK, change people’s lives.

Please keep giving what you can to allow us to continue funding these essential projects.

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