Supporting communities affected by climate change

by | 5th Oct 2023

Choose Love is delighted to be partnering with Students Rebuild again this year to work with our incredible partners supporting communities affected by climate displacement.

It is predicted that a staggering 1.2 billion people globally could be displaced by 2050 due to climate change and natural disasters. Climate is a threat multiplier for conflict, hunger and the forced movement of people. As ever, children bear the greatest burden of this emergency – placing the most basic rights at risk and threatening their futures.

The crises Choose Love are responding to in multiple contexts cannot be disentangled from a rapidly changing climate. Whether it is emergency distributions of firewood, fuel and winter clothing for unpredicted snow storms in Lebanon or critical hygenie infrastructure in refugee camps across Greece during heat waves, the impact of the climate crisis does not affect everyone equally. People displaced as a result of environmental disaster do not have the privilege of waiting for global frameworks and funding agreements painfully debated over at COP conferences. Reparations arrive too late or not at all. 

Choose Love’s movement – people helping people – is essential to saving lives. As ever, grassroots responses are the immediate solution. Until the world is ready to take bold and decisive action, we need to consider how to meet on the ground human needs.

We are supporting people on their journeys to safety; addressing issues in Bangladesh, Brazil and Kenya (countries facing the worst impacts of climate change); funding innovative humanitarian solutions to those facing internal displacement as a result of extreme weather in the Middle East; investing in refugee-led work throughout Europe focusing on a circular economy; and funding radical education programs along the route. Thoroughout all of this we are keeping chilren’s futures at the forefront of our minds. We are so excited to be expanding this work thanks to the Extraordinary Earth Project and imagining new, brighter and more welcoming futures for children around the world. 

Students Rebuild are inviting students from around the world to join us in learning about our environment, and the things we can do to protect our earth. Learn more about how to support this year’s challenge and our incredible partners now. 

Picture credit: SAWA for Development and Aid (Jeremy Snell)

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