How your donations are helping in Afghanistan

by | 27th May 2022

Your donations have been used to repair and modernise a much needed water system in a village in north-east Afghanistan. The work was facilitated by our fantastic partner Poma Global and put into action by the local community, who were also trained on how to maintain the system long term.

Afghanistan has suffered more than 40 years of conflict, natural disasters, chronic poverty and food insecurity. Severe drought has affected more than 80% of the country, damaging food production and forcing people from their land.

The farmlands in this particular north-eastern village are dependent on rainwater. Due to devastating droughts in recent years, their harvest has been almost non existent.This new water system is very much a lifeline for this community and will serve to support them and their future generations. Thank you šŸ’š

This new water system means:

  • Over 60 households across 175 acres of farmlands now have access to clean, fresh water
  • A reliable agricultural harvest
  • A steady income for the families in the village

Huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Afghan appeal, and our COO Cherno Jagne, for running whilst fasting during Ramadan and raising a total of Ā£15,985 to date.

Thank you for all of your efforts and kindness, and being a constant inspiration throughout.

You can still donate to the Run for Ramadan fundraiser here.Ā 

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