We rely on a network of passionate, creative volunteers, like you to raise money and help us support refugees.

From gaming to comedy nights, and school fairs to marathon running, there are so many ways that you can get involved!

Browse some of the fundraising ideas listed on this page, or think out of the box and come-up with your own fundraising activity.

Once you’ve decided on your activity or event, you’re ready to set-up a fundraising page. Be sure to share your page with your colleagues, friends and family so they can donate and see your progress!

Get involved

Fundraising Ideas

Choose a Challenge

People love to see someone test themselves – especially if they are raising funds for a good cause while doing so.

  • Climb a mountain
  • Take a vow of silence
  • Complete a Tough Mudder challenge
  • Bungee-jump
  • Cycle, run, walk a marathon

Remember to choose a challenge that you can realistically work-up to before the event. Leave yourself plenty of time to prepare as this will also give you time to raise funds! 

Top tip:

Stand out from the crowd – choose an unconventional challenge or think of a way you can catch people’s attention.

Choose Events

If you pride yourself on being organised or creative, why not organise an event? Choose from one of the suggestions below or come-up with something unique.

  • Music gig
  • Open mic night
  • Fashion show
  • Clothing swap
  • Hold an auction
  • Hold a supper club
  • Run a gaming livestream through Tilftify

It’s often easier to organise an event with friends, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be sure to maximise your capacity and think carefully about when you hold the event -it’s important to choose a time when lots of people are available.

Top tip:

Organise your venue early and start promoting the event as soon as possible.

Choose a special day

Celebrate a special day by asking friends and family members to donate to Choose Love as a  present for you.

  • Donate your birthday
  • Create a wedding fundraising page or gift registry
  • Hold a Choose Love babyshower

Simply set up a fundraiser page, include photos of you as well as some information on why you want to help us – the more personal the story the better.

Top tip:

Wear our Choose Love t-shirts to really bring your special day together!

Get involved

Other ways to Choose Love


Donate to Choose Love so we can provide vital support to refugees and displaced people across the world.

Take action

Help us fight for the rights of people to seek safety and advocate for change so that people on the move are met with love.


Give your time to help our partners support refugees and displaced communities across Europe.