morocco earthquake: EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER

Our partners are working on the ground to help survivors of the eartquake in Morocco. People are sleeping outside and desperate for food and water. Please donate now.


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The number of displaced people has doubled in the world since we started 8 years ago. And the need to support refugees is going to grow. Chip in now to support our grassroots partners. 


Summer in a refugee camp is a dangerous place. Buy our ‘Heatwave Survival Bundle’ now and support people to survive with clean water, medical tratement, shelter, sun protection and more. 

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Donate to Choose Love and we’ll provide vital support where it’s needed most. We rely on the generosity of people like you.

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Help us fight for the rights of people to seek safety and advocate for change so that people on the move are met with love.


We need community fundraisers like you to help set up events and raise money to support refugees.

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Safeguarding at Choose Love

We’ve been working hard for over a year in reviewing and updating how we keep our team and any volunteers safe, ensure concerns are listened to and action is taken when things go wrong.

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