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Woman Of Purpose


Hello My Sister

You are a Woman of Purpose

You need not roar as the world

You are anointed

Your voice is soft and non-threatening

Your words are kind yet firm

You are anointed

Your heart is full of love and wisdom

Your destiny is sure

You are anointed

Your hands extend across continents

Your actions and decisions influence multitudes

You are anointed

Yet your soul only belongs to …One

God Almighty

He anoints you

God alone holds the strings to which you dance

live…move…and have your very being

He empowers you

Therefore go! Change the world

Fulfill the purpose for which you were created

You are Anointed with Power!



God has a purpose for your life. Even if you are far away

from being what He has called you to be, you are still important to Him.


Please know and remember you matter, you count, you are valuable and loved.



There is Hope!

 If you are in the Darkness:

Lost, alone, blind, evil, in denial and rebellion;


 If you are the Wilderness:

Dusty, dirty, unstable, double minded, flaky and

Committed to no one or nothing; or

 If you are in the Outer Court:

Rags, anger, shame, fear, out of control and

Living in the past; or

 If you are in the Inner Court:

Riches, mind renewed, thankful, body healed, faith and


God has a purpose for your life.

 You can reach another level in God.

A dimension where you receive divine revelation.

It is where your entire spirit, soul and body comes in total

agreement and alignment with the word of God;

There is a place where purpose, faith and destiny meets

The Creator of Heaven and earth.

 You love the Lord and want to please Him in every way.

You have entered The Holy of Holies.

God talks while you sit quietly and listen.

 The Good News!

 You may feel as though you cannot go another day;

hour; minute; second; or another moment.

 You may feel so damaged and used or abused

until you can see no way of escape, no way out…

 The life you now have is so painful until

you feel you have no purpose for living

 If this is you or someone you know,

Will you allow God to reach out and

 touch you where you are, right now?

 God’s Perfect Love is the only thing Powerful enough

to drive away all fear…which involves torment and abuse.

 Are you willing? Are you ready?


Say the Prayer with me:

Dear God. I confess that I am a sinner.

I am sorry for all the wrongs

I have done. I believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ,

died on the cross to pay the price for my sins.

I believe that He was buried and on the Third day

Resurrected from the dead. Please forgive me.

I invite You, Jesus to come into my heart and live

As Lord and Savior. I commit and trust my life to you.

 My desire is to be what You want me to be and to do

what You want me to do. Thank You for dying for my sins,

for Your free pardon, and for Your gift of eternal life.

Thank You, Lord, for my full salvation. I now ask to be filled

with Your Holy Spirit to teach, lead and guide me into all truth.



Woman Of Purpose. From Darkness to the Throne

 © 2001 Nikki Jourdan  - Prayer by Bernadette Evans




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